Tidemill Pugs are a small family of pedigree Pugs. Occasionally we have puppies available who will make good companions in family homes. In planning a litter our aim is to produce quality Pugs that will grow into adult Pugs of good type and temperament with typical characteristics of
the breed.
We have used long established quality breed lines as our foundation stock, and have continued to build on this to produce top quality good looking canine companions.

We own both Fawns and Blacks, and have Champions in both colours. Our main hobby is showing and judging, so when we breed a litter it is to try to breed top quality puppies conforming closely to the breed standard with the aim of keeping one to show. Any puppies we decide not to keep will be placed in loving homes. As hobby breeders of pedigree Pugs, our
puppies are reared indoors with plenty of love and attention. Our Pugs come from top quality pedigree breed lines to produce puppies that will have typical breed characteristics, and will bring pleasure to their new owners. Puppies are reared indoors to get them used to usual household noise. They are wormed regularly. They are reared on good quality food.
Any puppies we do not keep are available for loving sensible pet homes and are sold with a full pedigree and a Kennel Club registration endorsed progeny not for registration, unless previously discussed and agreed. If you are considering buying a puppy, think carefully! All animals are a
lifetime commitment and could seriously impair your lifestyle. No doubt all the positive aspects of pet ownership have been considered. Before you take the plunge now's the time for serious consideration of the downside!
Firstly, all members of the household must agree that having a dog is a good idea. Do take into consideration any other pets in the home. Most cats will come to accept attention from other species as long as it is friendly, but be prepared for a period of settling in. Dogs are usually
fine with children as long as the children are fine with them. Do consider current commitments, and also other aspects of your lifestyle which may restrict the amount of time you have for the dog. If you want a dog that is happy and well socialised you need to spend time with it!
Think of the practical aspects. A puppy will need a good deal of patience as well as time if toilet training is to be accomplished, and an adult dog will need exercise and grooming. Pugs are short haired dogs, but they do shed hair from their dense coat, so it is wise to consider how house proud you are, and how tolerant of a degree of damage to household items,
especially during teething. They will need access to a safe enclosed garden that has been 'dog
proofed' as well as other exercise. Have you thought about the prospect of veterinary attention, not just from the financial aspect, but also from the point of view of unexpected
unplanned visits to the vet that need to be fitted in with other demands on time?
The closeness of the human - dog relationship and the sense of attachment the owner feels for the dog is one of the powerful forces for people choosing to own a dog. However, this can also bring a powerful sense of guilt if the owner feels that s/he is not meeting the needs of their pet
which is totally dependent on them for its social and physical well being.

The Kennel Club's Canine Code is well worth looking at as it highlights some of the main issues relating to responsible dog ownership. A copy can be obtained from the Kennel Club or view online:

If you are interested in buying a puppy from us, please be aware that we will want to satisfy ourselves that you are able to provide an excellent home, so please give as much information as possible on the enquiry form below.

We are situated on the South Coast in the county of Hampshire just outside of Southampton near the New Forest, and within half a mile of the motorway

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